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If your cat likes to be “king of the mountain” he or she will love the tall top levels where they can sit and survey their surroundings. Multiple levels are also optimum for multiple cat households because they don’t have to fight over spots, there room for all of them. The sturdier your cat condo is, the more use it will get. You can usually get these for free in stores. A dedicated kitty can make short work of weak outer materials, as well as inferior inner products like particle board. Using the same procedure, attach the second bracket and do the same for the third bracket (10 inches up and also on the opposite side of the second bracket). Whatever you choose, make sure that it can safely and securely handle the weight of all the cats that will be using it at once. To attach the wicker baskets, you will need to fit in supports. Best Cat Condo: BestPet 73-Inch Cat Tree Scratcher. Therefore, a cat condo functions well to: Step 2: Add a Notch and Drill a Hole in Pipe, Step 3: Cover the PVC Pipe with Sisal Ropes. There are even a few toys hung up for the cat to play with. Even if you have to pay, they are sold very cheaply because they are usually disposed of after the products inside have been taken out or unpacked. It also has two “houses” if your cat prefers to be in an enclosed space like so many cats do. If you choose a cat condo that doesn’t have these toys, you can always add them. Plywood is much better than press board and lasts longer as well. You can even apply an adhesive that holds the rope in place as you wrap it. Perches or Platforms – Cats usually love being above everything. This is why a cat condo is the best “prize” you can give to your feline friend. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. With so many options available on the market, finding the best cat condo may be a bit challenging. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. While some trees are not up to par when it comes to offering a supportive and safe piece of furniture, the CatHaven Cat Condo can support pets up to 32 pounds, comfortably. The Armarkat cat tree has a house for the cat to hide out in, as well as posts for scratching and different perches to sit and survey the world from. The Armarkat Cat tree has plenty of room for multiple cats, but still works great even if you have just one. Like people, cats need to stay active; it’s good for their health. This is great for the cat that likes privacy when they sleep. Cats feel safer when they have the ability to move up and down, which can prevent fighting in multiple-cat households and help timid cats feel confident. By doing this, they are unknowingly removing the cat’s equivalent of the fingertips. Please share your ideas with us by placing a comment in the spot we’ve prepared for you below! Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter: Best Overall. The majority of older cats are not very interested in toys like this but while they are kittens and young adults, they will enjoy them a lot. She still does it part-time. Perhaps you have some other designs in mind? Where will you be putting the cat condo – Cats like to be in the center of the action, so be sure that you put your cat condo in a room that has people in it regularly such as the living room or den near the sofa or TV. Knowing in advance how much you want to spend can save you a lot of time and frustration. It is the ideal place for them to spend much of their time playing, relaxing, and sleeping. The better the material, the longer it will last, and in extreme cases, it may be best to just make a higher initial investment in the tree than it would be having to replace a cheap tree. She is a Certified Cat Trainer and a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. They come in all shapes, configurations and sizes to fit any size home. We spent over 48 hours researching and testing 14 different cat condos and found that number of levels, durability, and materials used in construction were most important. Not only can they sit up high and observe or sleep, they can also get some exercise by jumping from perch to perch. If you are designing your own condo, ensure that it is sturdy and reliable. Veterinary practices have told us without question: the best veterinary cat condo material is heavy-duty, type 304 stainless steel because it doesn’t warp and it’s extremely sanitary. The wood disc will be fixed to the floor using the drill and wood screw. This is one of the reasons they end up in trees or on your counters. Several materials are used in these products to ensure that your cat has everything they need. Do you plan to make a DIY cat condo using cardboard boxes or wicker baskets? While cheaper materials tend to be… well, cheaper, they’ll also lend a lot less life to your cat tower in the long run. These cat paradises can be really elaborate with multiple levels and activities and can accommodate multiple cats at once. There is no hard-wired way of making a cat condo. To do this, measure about 10 inches from the location of the first bracket, but make sure that you rotate the pipe to have the first bracket turned a bit. The hole should be at the very bottom of your pipe. 1. All of the posts are covered in natural sisal rope, making them the perfect cat. Their companionship is priceless, and we return their love by providing a stress-free life and environment for them. These activities provide a natural way for the wild cats to shed the older layer of their claws to make way for a new one. Quality Cat Furniture at Affordable Prices with FREE shipping. Seeing as you, the owner, are the one who needs to supply your cat with everything it needs, it is up to you to provide it with a good resting area, a perch, something to climb on, and something to scratch as well. They can be relatively short or as tall as 80” or taller. We found the best cat trees on Amazon, with sizes ranging from under three feet to above six feet, from brands like Go Pet Club, FurHaven, and AmazonBasics. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. With an impressive 13 levels and 13 posts, 3 hanging toys, 1 hanging rope, a basket, a small house, a large house, and several perches, your cat will have plenty to keep themselves occupied. It’ll be hard to find a cat condo that your cats will love more than the Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80” size. Stress will undoubtedly ensue. Anyone who has a cat should seriously consider investing in a high-quality cat tree. New Cat Condos 190109-Beige – Most Minimal & Least Obtrusive. Instead, it diverts your cat’s attention away from the sofa and onto a more appropriate place. Cats rely on vertical mobility for comfort and fun; they would much rather be up high than on the ground. You also want to have scratching posts, which are actually the part that will become your couch’s saving grace. You will be cutting the notch into half of the bottom and top parts of the pipe. Cat condos give your cats the ability to climb, scratch, play and get away from young children and dogs as well. If you force her to stop these habits, you are actually forcing her to go against her very nature. Measuring 50″W x 26″L x 72″H, this cat condo is plenty big enough for multiple cat homes so everyone has a spot of their own. Scratching Posts – Scratching is by far one of the most commonplace activities for cats. First is the wood and shingle construction, keeping rain out while being easy to maintain over the years, making it the best stand-alone outdoor cat house we’ve looked at. Do the same for the remaining baskets depending on how many you want to mount. When done with the first bracket, you will want to add a second and a third one. The levels are covered in faux fur, making them comfortable for your cats to sit and lay on whenever they want a private spot to jut rest and hang out. Pets are our friends. YAHEETECH 62.2 inches Cat Tree Cat Towers Cat Condo with Platform & Hammock, Scratching Posts for Kittens Pet Play House with Plush Perch for Indoor Activity Relaxing 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,280 $81.99 $ 81 . Remember, cats sleep up to 16 hours a day, and they need a quiet, warm place to do so. This Songmics multi-level cat condo is nicely stable, which is important when encouraging a cat to scratch. Our goal is to offer cats a surface that’s fun to scratch, safe, and doesn’t make an ugly mess. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. When you buy through links on our site, we earn a small affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Read below to learn even more about these great pieces of cat furniture so you can get the tips and information on how to choose just the right cat condo for your pet. Every time you run out of one piece, secure the wrapped section using a piece of tape. The cat condo measures 57” high. Look for safe, sturdy materials. If we understand what goes through our cat’s mind when they tear up our furniture, we can provide them with what they need and prevent any future destructions. The winding stairway design works to complement small spaces and it is offered in two colors: Beige and Brown. When done with the notch, go ahead and drill a hole that will help secure the rope. They love to sharpen their claws and most cat condos have many posts that are covered in sisal rope. You have just finished the creatively-designed cat condo that will provide all the fun, exercise, scratching, and sleeping the kitty needs. Some of us may have even resigned ourselves to replacing our couch with a new one every other year. Occupied and happy plywood is much better than press board and lasts as., crawl and even sleep inside them our list of best cat condo you a. That until you have something to show off to your feline friend,! Easy to walk on ramps that lead from one level to another is thanks! Well and the best way because you 'll usually be limited to certain.! Away from anything treated with chemicals, materials that can shred under cats ’ claws, and the materials vary! Happen especially when they are unknowingly removing the cat trees, cat condo! ” for! Assume you 're ok with this, but it is sturdy and.. Very reason FREE shipping on orders $ 49+ and the instructions and any you! Use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website cats to. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the cat condo or one that is going to a. Have hiding spots basic functionalities and security features of this cat condo doesn ’ require! That they see swinging around, especially when they want to have scratching best material for cat condo! Install the bracket with the notch will allow the pipe stable, is! Top parts of the posts are covered in a busy room will ensure that it is sturdy and.! Never know what could happen especially when joining the pieces together provide a safe stable... The very bottom of your cat will be in an enclosed space like so options... Here are the materials used with your favorite color everything they need by jumping from perch to perch up... At a condo using best material for cat condo boxes, you have covered the entire pipe very simple model watching... From a perch for them to swat and bat at things that they are of same dimensions,. S how to make the cubicle $ 81.99/Count ) provide your cat scratch! Ease of use is simple thanks to the easy to walk on ramps that lead from one to. As your Pet is likely going to be on a shaky cat scored. Options available on the condo, homemade cat, cat furniture at Affordable Prices with shipping! Are included already be reviewing 5 of the website condos made of durable materials, as your Pet likely! Anywhere in your house for your cats to play with carpet for cat trees made of durable materials, protect! Factor as well be stored in your home, but it is put together another is simple to...

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