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Thank you! He preferred his own company, but he was popular with people because of his insistence on communicating with his readers – and writing in layman’s terms. The Question and Answer section for The Whitsun Weddings is a great It is one of his longest poems, at eight stanzas of ten lines each, and it describes a train journey from Kingston upon Hull through the countryside. 11 poems from The Whitsun Weddings by Philip Larkin have been annotated comprehensively on A3 sheets. Larkin's Approach to Love and Change in in ‘Love Songs In Age’. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Philip Larkin was what was known as a poet of the Movement. Postwar ennui in Britain reached an all-time high in the years following 1945. The train finally starts to move again, pulling Larkin away from his introspection about the ladies and the wedding party, but for a brief few stanzas, Larkin’s involvement in their lives led the reader to also become involved in their lives, thus opening up The Whitsun Weddings on a secondary level. Note the way that he refers to the girls ‘in parodies of fashion, heels and veils / all posed irresolutely’, making them into waxwork people, making them frozen in place, and more like mannequins than human beings. What's your thoughts? In the opening, the narrator’s life is measured in numbers: one-twenty, for time, three-quarters-empty for the train; he creates, in the space of a few lines, this world that, at once, seems both important and hurried, as well as empty and slightly sad. Larkin has always been, first and foremost, an observer and a note-taker of life; a librarian of the moments, but not really taking part in it. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. As was quoted in the Paris Review of 1982, “my life is as simple as I can make it.”. Please log in again. The “happy funeral” is an oxymoron, referring to the death of single life (and the unification and rebirth into a shared life) that comes with marriage, while the “religious wounding” also refers to the traditional loss of virginity on the wedding night, during which a woman bleeds. Such nooks of valleys, lined with orchises, He graduated with a first in English language and literature and started to work as a librarian. There’s no doubt, however, that the concreting-over of the countryside has accelerated since Larkin wrote his poem – something he would have both foreseen and deeply regretted. His reader is the reader who has ‘no room for books’ an who prefers the ‘jabbering set’. Perfect for helping students catch up on poems they have missed, giving for self study or for helping teach poems quickly. The Whitsun Weddings. The Whitsun Weddings literature essays are academic essays for citation. - from A Writer” ― Philip Larkin, The Whitsun Weddings. English countryside was considered – both in poetry, and beyond – to be some of the most beautiful that the world has seen. In these lines, the speaker likens the aftermath of the weddings to two other Christian occasions, a “funeral” (though a “happy” one) and a “religious wounding” (perhaps a reference to Christ’s crucifixion or stigmata, the mystical manifestation of wounds emulating those of Christ.) London WC1R 4HQ. That Whitsun, I was late getting away: Not till about One-twenty on the sunlit Saturday Did my three-quarters-empty train pull out, All windows down, all cushions hot, all sense Of being in a hurry gone. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Philip Larkin's poems. “and none/Thought of the others they would never meet/Or how their lives would all contain this hour.”. Poetry written then was all about looking back to better days, getting back to the idea of the brave and noble Great Britain of kingdoms and Queen Victoria. It is one of his longest poems, at eight stanzas of ten lines each, and it describes a train journey from Kingston upon Hull through the countryside.

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