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wedding night preparation for bride

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Most women, especially women who have not been sexually active, are not going to be immediately comfortable stripping down to nothing. It’s not like the movies! The ceremony is over, you have danced the night away, and finally you are alone in the car waving goodbye to your friends and family. information has been successfully updated. (I have heard of brides too afraid to consummate on the honeymoon. My book, The Wedding Night: Embracing Sexual Intimacy as New Bride addresses a lot of the new-bride questions: the practical, the emotional, the sexual and the spiritual. by Kelsey Garcia Instead their daughter becomes one of the generations of brides who lay in their wedding beds, sore and bleeding, thinking, “I saved myself for THIS?”. Were you born knowing how to walk? The more you save for the honeymoon, the better it will be! Hope the thoughts are helpful! Ngina I need help ! If she doesn’t, then... 3. I’m not going to read more . I am the only girl with this concern? I would also recommend not having the conversation alone. Hey Ngina, Its hard as a male not to have a one track mind when all society does is make it seem so casual. And relax, most of what you need to know can be learned together after the wedding. One quick question I got married yesterday well when it came night time we where watching a series on tv well he fell asleep. Hi Becky, thank you for reading and your question. I’m 26years.. International copyright secured. Most women need it, some don’t, it all depends on your makeup. Adding to the above, many venues prefer having the band or DJ face a certain direction or set up in a certain place to help combat excessive noise, so it’s important to double check to ensure that your party that was supposed to last all night doesn’t have the plug pulled before it even has a chance to get started. In my childly enthusiasm I opened Sex in Marriage. Congratulations on your up coming wedding, Sana! We must sift through, stick to godly truth. “Slowing down” is easy to say, but not so easy to follow through because you feel like you’ve been waiting forever! Also helpful was Intimate Issues by Linda Dillow and Loraine Pintus. 🙂, Thank you for this post. I love your ideas. For this, both of us got a good spanking Your email address will not be published. Pack some bath salts, massage oil, and lotions for her. I learned (and am learning) the hard way to accept that my life and marriage is made by God- not Hollywood. I know how it feels and infact wrote a follow-up post titled “It’s possible to wait till your wedding night to have sex for the first time” which was an encouragement to all the waiting singles. When bride and groom both have an attitude of service, sweet and passionate intimacy is the result. ~smile~. Even with the perfect partner, going from single to married … You have more time to learn, to grow, to explore, to get better. The hair pins were digging into my head, my make-up was gone, the wedding dress was uncomfortably tight around the waist (note to the bride – a snug fit around the waist will feel tighter after a meal!). I made some of the same mistakes you mentioned and was more ignorant about what I should have known (studied up on) than I’d like to admit. There are hundreds of nights to come. However, if it is a gentle, kind, selfless experience, those memories will spill over and enhance your sex life. I’m single & this gives me food for thought come my wedding night, to be more thoughtful. I have a quick question, what is your opinion on other types of sex such as oral and anal sex within marriage. Your photographer will thank you! Trust me – it WILL improve with practice. I’m getting married December 15. That stringy lingerie might look good on a mannequin, but it needs to fit a real life body. First of all thanks to you for sharing some of the effective Wedding Planning Tips, which have assisted us a lot in our career. The funny thing about getting engaged is that all of ... Holiday weekends are popular for weddings, and a wedding weekend ... You've made it through the wedding day and now it’s time to get to the honeymoon suite for some alone time with your new hubby. Sex is the same way. A few months before the wedding, I read The Art of Natural Family Planning and then gave my marked up copy to Steve to read. These are important details, that need to be factored into your budget. Because learners don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain. There’s no hard and fast rule but if you can plan to ease into intimacy, the better the evening/night will be. And for guests who will be traveling to the hotel, book a shuttle from your reception to the hotel (but make sure cars can be left at your venue). I can think of some practical things a mentor or close girlfriend can help you with, – If sex is downright painful, like shads-of-glass-tearing-into-you painful, see a doctor fast. It’s easy to feel clumsy and foolish, easy to begin to think that you’ll never learn anything. Required fields are marked *. Is like eveything a go? Cheers, friends! You helped me! excited and started rocking it saying she has been able to see After 25 years of working so hard to not think sexual thoughts, it felt a little sneaky to be reading such explicit information. and I used to sleep together. And I also talk to ladies who haven;t been able to consummate their marriage for quite a while because of pain and other factors. He’s ways is the best! Glory! – Empty your bladder after (and before, if you can get to it). Thank you for your post. Before my wedding, I asked my mentor if she would recommend any books to “prepare.” She said, “We didn’t want to read any books, we wanted to write our own.” That was the permission I needed to put the books down when they got overwhelming. I'm Ngina and as a certified marriage coach and writer, I help wives create intentional happily-ever-afters! You might not be set on doing a first look, but it might be imperative in order to get all the photos you want in good light! But men – especially young Christian ones, unfortunately – can be ignorant. Girlfriends Talk: Questions for The Wedding Night 1. Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? Ngina, great post here. A little preparation before the wedding will go a long way. Many of you reading this post are waay past your wedding night because I write to newlywed wives. I work at a Lifeway Store and they carry some great books and marriage programs and even books on waiting, I have read “The Bride Wore White” by Dannah Greens and it helps for those that are still virgin’s and even those that aren’t. (You don’t want to be lighting unnecessary fires so read any detailed intimacy books close to the wedding day.). Hi Ngina! I stop with yours. And so it was, after a long event-filled happy day, that we finally walked into our honeymoon hotel. Is that bad to say? I have just finished writing my wedding night book (based on this post) and most of the ladies I interviewed confirmed they experienced some level of discomfort, ranging from mild to severe, on their wedding night, and on wards. I know many couples find they’re too tired after a long day of wedding activities to attempt first-time intimacy the minute they close the door of their honeymoon suite. If you want to, you can hit me up via email using my contact form to chat some more. There’s so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to. This article gave me all I needed. ©2020 Chancey Charm | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I am so sorry! He will help you; you will learn. 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the read. It’s here. I wish someone would have told me that years ago. You may want to do something ceremonial on your wedding night. We’re a team of experienced wedding planners, in destination wedding locations across the country. having to touch it with her hand ? So God has give us grace to remain pure. We hope your wedding night is a memorable experience for you both. There’s only so much you can do after being awake and active for almost twenty-four hours. My sister plans to have a late-night wedding this coming Christmas. Whether you choose to get romantic or simply go to sleep (and many newlyweds do), there are a few things every bride should remember to do on her wedding night before she calls it a night. Hi friend! Just relax! Just this morning i was “counting my blessings and naming them one by one” and i am blown away by God’s faithfulness in my marriage! And I know what you mean. thanks for adding that. Pre-Engagement Counseling – Program Information, Premarital Counseling – Program Information, Agreement for PreEngaged’s Coaching Services, Bible – So you can start out your marriage in God’s Word!

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