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switching from adderall to vyvanse

As of Nov1st (2016) he had been on the 60 mg for 22 months. I've noticed I didn't eat as much as I would have liked to on the adderall, but while on the vyavanse I actually had a appetite. This brings me to my question! But at the same time it has less side effect. On those bad days I am dizzy and can not safely drive. To convert from an Adderall dosage to the equivalent dose of Vyvanse, multiple your Adderall dose by 1.85 The calculation to arrive at these dose equivalences is actually fairly convoluted. I might see what they think about strattera and focalin because I am ADHD combined but have a big problem with the add side and some of the symptoms of the adhd side. My life has gone to sh^t. felt flat. For the most part, with the adderall, my sex drive is definitely on the lower end of the scale… Im curious if maybe Vyvanse could improve this, or at least not “decrease” my sex drive as much!! Vyvanse should act in a very similar way to Adderall, just spread out over 7 hours instead of instant release. You will just have to adjust to the extended release I recommend Vyvanse. – If not Vyvanse, do you have any other/better suggestions that I can discuss with my Dr tomorrow? This isn’t very accurate seeing as how it’s that time of the month and bloating currently factors into my weight but its still a difference. DD1, can you talk about your experience with the period of effectiveness? The CPAP helps me somewhat, but does not stop daytime excessive tiredness. I had to retire early because daytime tiredness meant I could not do my job to my satisfaction, though my boss urged me to keep working. These past 3 months… I’ve managed to finish only one project… I dont know if I’ll be able to pay rent at this rate! What can I expect from the switch? It says they last 4-6 hrs. Idk for sure do u? So long story short, I was diagnosed with ADHD 5 years ago and decided to not immediately jump on medication, because I really didn’t thi... From the info on this site - So you'd need to take about twice the weight of Adderall you were previously taking to get the same amount of Amphetamines from Vyvanse. Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Then around 5-6pm I realize I'm tired and sluggish I assume it's worn of by then. I've been taking Vyvanse 70mg for several years now. I should be medicated 12 hours, ideally. The molecular weights of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (Vyvanse) and the four amphetamine salts that comprise Adderall, as well as all the relevant counter-ions were taken into account. There is a potential for abuse and dependency. I'm probably going to stay on the adderall xr and maybe see if I can get 1 or 2 adderall ir to add to my day. I have taken vyvanse for close to 7 yrs now. If not, may I ask where you heard this information - if you are not a medical professional yourself, and heard it from your own doctor or relied on Google to make your rebuttal... Then I kindly suggest you to know the hard facts of how medicine works prior to making a comment criticizing the professionalism of this persons provider. A year ago i was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed Vyvanse to help me focus on my school work. At my Dr appt this week I mentioned that I have no energy in the afternoon & in evening when I get home. Was battling whether or not I'm in it for the "kick" or "high" but I've always been told I have ADHD as a kid but lived without meds for years and was extremely successful given the circumstances of my life. Oh almost forgot. Our mission is personal—we are a team of people with ADD or affected by it. I've never taken Vyvanse so here will come the onslaught of questions. Some won't listen to the truth. It’s suggested and recommended. I've read in several places that they are not, and that 15mg of Adderall would be equivalent to around 30mg of Vyvanse. Could your home be a haven for toxins that can cause ADHD? from getting filled. I'd just like to know that if my doctor were to prescribe me 70mg Vyvanse, that it would be roughly equivalent to taking 30mg Adderall IR 3x/day. I know everyone is different, but in general: Not sure if this is either them or myself misunderstanding something here. Can’t describe what a relief that was. Booked my first freelance gig starting today. 3 - Adderall is a mix of salts amphetamine immediately available for the brain, while it is a metabolite of that Dextroamphetamine, when reached the central nervous system it's gradually being converted into Dextroamphetamine, then the half-life is longer and the effect at the same dosage is less powerfull. I've found that when you drink water it helps to keep it going longer. Done a lot of work leading implementations in API/ Integration but always liked the solution architecture / planning / tech PM aspects of the job more. This is if you already have these preexisting conditions and it applies to all amphetamines. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd). A place where people with ADHD and their loved ones can interact with each other exchanging stories, struggles, and non-medication strategies. I had side effects with adderall in the beginning but they were not as intense and long term as vyvanse. I was elated and got lots of work done. Answered By: Dr. Brian Staiger Pharm.D. Been hopping around different medications and am now back to adderall ir. Ritalin, worked great until it stopped working. Chemical release that requires an enzyme in your body. Thanks for reading this far! I used to take 100mg in the morning now, I take 70mg i’m good to go. Specifically Kearny or MBB? How do folks find staffing opportunity during the holiday season? You mentioned 80 mg but the Max dose is 70mg they don’t make 80mg. But there’s still been no change, and these last 3 months have been pretty horrible. Elementary stuff, I know. I’m sure I will have to adjust the current dosage as I get acclimated to the Vyv, but up to now I am pleased with the effectiveness. The Vaccine-Autism Hoax: Why Didn’t We Know Sooner. The ramp up and ramp down is gradual so no “off the cliff “ at the end of the day. On top of that, Vyvanse is metabolized much more slowly than Adderall since your body has to get rid of the big Lysine tail on it, while Adderall starts being metabolized immediately since it's already pretty much just pure amphetamines, meaning the effects of Vyvanse are spread out at a lower intensity over a longer period of time. It's a different active ingredient that metabolizes into dextro slowly. I took a second 30MG at noon, 0 effect. In addition to Vyvanse 70mg my Dr prescribed Adderall 10mg to take by 3pm. While it does keep me focused, my meds have also proven very useful in stabilizing my mood. I recently started here and while I’m not looking to slack off and take time off, I just want to know how it works. As to the liver/stomach issue, it is the liver. Available for Android and iOS devices. I was switched from 40 mgs adderall to 70 mg Vyvanse. Diet is pretty important on vyvanse. It gave me some benefit but didn't really help my focus a lot. Is Vyvanse better than Adderall XR (I have tried Adderall XR, didn't last as long as I would have hoped it would). Summer is coming to an end for me now and about two weeks ago i weighed myself first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom so that the results would be more accurate and discovered that i had gained 10 pounds since i stopped taking the Vyvanse. Thank you for your post. Rough morning... Hi, All of this came as an extreme shock to me because all throughout elementary and my first two years of middle school math had always been my worst subject. Except for the first three weeks, I can not tell when it kicks in and when it has worn off, except for the number of things I am trying to juggle at the same time. If I remove the capsule and directly consume the powder inside, does it have instant effect or will it still be slow release? I have friends on 220 milligrams. Is the capsule of vyvanse the only reason for slow release? After a lot of research and thought, I went back to the Doctor and discussed switching to the Brand Name Adderall – thinking that perhaps the generic was just not as effective for me anymore. Personally, I take 30mg Adderall IR 2x/day as prescribed for ADHD. They say the anxiety is from the Adderall. I’ve switched to vyvanse. Justpassingby, Vyvanse and Adderall are both time released but Vyvanse has to be broken down into a different chemical first so it takes longer (another poster explained this much better than I can) therefore you don't feel the effects or "high" that you do from Adderall.Caragan, I could not find any mention of liver issues in relation to Vyvanse but they did mention kidneys and to monitor if you have those problems to start with. Have you ever bought lessons on TPT or another platform? Switching from Adderall XR to Vyvanse Vyvanse. Way better. Is there a difference? Once, in a while I stop it for a few days and start it again I found it more helpful that way as I did on Ritalin. 2019 MBA grad is getting 160k base and I have 4 YOE post MBA. She increased my dose to 50 mg which was too much for me. I can say I’ve been there and done that! Every case is different because no one person has the exact same weight body mass or metabolism which all 3 effect how long or short you have effectiveness. But I would check with your insurance since it seems it’s not covered by all plans the same & it is expensive, I’d be less likely to change meds if the out of pocket cost exceeded what I could afford. All rights reserved. I took concerta it’s different it helped some but, not enough and had a lot of trouble getting through college & was on it through vocational school. I was taking 60 mg IR of Adderall per day, but that just wasn't cutting it. That’s why there is no such thing as a max dose for anyone unless it’s like pain pills as those are rarely prescribed anymore. TotallyADD is dedicated to helping adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD – we use the acronyms interchangeably) and those affected by it, (family, employers, health professionals, etc.) Vyvanse should last me longer if I remember my past use correctly. I took Vyvanse (30 MG) yesterday morning for the first time as prescribed by my GP. How to get switched from Vyvanse to Adderall? Curious about the type of work, culture, competitiveness, WLB, etc. Specially CPG companies. Is anyone on Vyvanse? Best firms? Yes, of course. Fast forward to today, and I've been sitting at 30mg twice a day quite comfortably for a while. Anyways, once summer rolled around it became difficult to continue taking my meds on schedule and so i stopped taking them. Concerta I was moody & anxious. You were getting less. Sorry to tell you this, but you need a new doctor, maximum dosage is 70mg a day for vyvanse, and then adding 20mg of Adderall to that, not good for your health. – First of all, I’m female, 23 years old, 5’3, about 135lbs –, I have been prescribed Adderall ir for Adult ADD and treatment resistant depression for about 3 years now. How long does Vyvanse usually last for? Alternatively We tried a 20mg IR adderall which was taken around noon everyday. All in all, after finally giving in to psychotherapy and pharmaceutical support. But everybody is different on which works for them. He is seen by his shrink for the medication and that doctors wife is the head pharmacist at our Kroger. Been hopping around different medications and am now back to adderall ir. Seriously thought this may be all that needs to be done and Vyvanse will be the wonder drug all the docs rave about. Vyvanse is also a CNS stimulant. Wondering if this sounds correct to anybody? 80mg Vyvanse technically more like 31.5mg Adderall. The 25 mg is doing good by the benefits and less symptoms I've had but only last 8 hrs. At least there is no mention of liver issues on the official Vyvanse website and there definitely is in the Adderall medication guide. After starting Vyvanse i was able to focus on getting my mathwork done, something i had never been able to do before!

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