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I’ve previewed these issues in the past, here and here. But for ideological reasons, they rejected him, beginning the phrase and culture of “Borking” a judicial nominee that, although qualified, may not satisfy political litmus tests. This more narrow approach contrasted with common temptations to use antitrust law as social policy to, for example, protect certain businesses from large companies. While the origins of America’s antitrust (or anti-monopoly) tradition can be traced back to the American founding, the legal movement really began in 1890 with the passage of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Chief Justice Earl Warren, writing the majority opinion, explained that the ruling reflected Congress’s long-standing desire to limit how much market power a single participant could amass. For those of you that weren’t paying attention during the 1980s, Bork arrived at the Senate hearings as an exceptionally well-qualified nominee by President Ronald Reagan to the US Supreme Court. Accepted as orthodoxy by both the Republican and Democratic administrations that followed, the Borkian underpinnings of the 1984 “Guidelines” have gone unchallenged by government officials. Harry First, Afterword: Lorain Journal and the Antitrust Legacy of Robert Bork Thus, the Bork-infused America, as conjured up in the pointed rhetoric of Kennedy, never came to pass. Warren wrote: We cannot fail to recognize Congress’ desire to promote competition through the protection of viable, small, locally owned business. His most famous antitrust contribution is a book called “The Antitrust Paradox: A Policy at War with Itself.” As you can tell from the title, it was written during a time of flux and uncertainty in antitrust (1978). According to, two companies, Facebook and Google, control 75 percent, of the digital advertising market. Antitrust system in the 1970s. In the four decades since the publication of The Antitrust Paradox, corporate concentration has remade nearly every corner of the U.S. economy. The shift in America’s antitrust paradigm was driven by a prominent judge and legal scholar named Robert Bork. William E. Kovacic, Was the Crisis In Antitrust A Trojan Horse? In antitrust, as in other areas of jurisprudence, he was a strong opponent of judge-made law. This classic soon to be re-published by Bork Publishing. But perhaps most importantly, the adoption of Bork’s “consumer welfare” standard has fundamentally reoriented what it means to be a citizen of the United States. The primary benefit of mergers to the economy is their efficiency-enhancing potential, which can increase the competitiveness of firms and result in lower prices to consumers. But, thanks in part to Robert Bork’s contribution, most antitrust actors agree that taking antitrust action against conduct or companies that are not harming competition itself is wrong. Richard Epstein, Antitrust Made (Too) Simple Contra the letter and intent of decades of antitrust legislation and rulings, Bork asserted that the “only legitimate goal of antitrust is the maximization of consumer welfare.” For Bork, “consumer welfare” was measured primarily according to the metric of “price,” meaning that reductions in price ought to be considered a highly desirable outcome. The short answer is that Judge Bork’s views on competition and antitrust, best expressed in his 1978 The Antitrust Paradox, “found immediate purchase in the corridors of power”. Leon B. Greenfield. In the four decades since the publication of, , corporate concentration has remade nearly every corner of the U.S. economy. Robert Bork’s portrayal of the U.S. Since antitrust laws gave government broad discretion in shaping the structure of the political economy, he believed the legislation was tantamount to blasphemy. There is plenty to debate about antitrust. since large businesses could exploit economies of scale, increase efficiency, and deliver cheaper consumer goods to the market. Antitrust system in the 1970s A professor at Yale Law School by occupation, he later served as a judge on the influential U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. The opposition, swift and fierce, was no surprise. Adam J. Bork expressed his disgust in The Antitrust Paradox, a book published 40 years ago in 1978. With the publication of The Antitrust Paradox 40 years ago, the American citizen was, in a very real sense, reduced to a mere consumer. Codified when oil barons and railroad tycoons still dominated the economic landscape, the law was enacted with the aim of protecting market participants from the anti-competitive practices of Gilded Age monopolists. And the trend is continuing, from, A growing body of research suggests such consolidation is responsible for a whole host of economic repercussions, including. Outside of the antitrust world, Robert Bork is known primarily for his Senate confirmation hearings after his Supreme Court nomination.

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