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private school vs public school pros and cons

Tuition makes private schools a non-option or a struggle for many families who do not have the financial means. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both public and private educations, and even these may differ depending on the community in which you live. However, you could have students on private school sports teams who are able to improve their skills and participate more than students in large public schools with more competition for a few positions. There are usually facilities and staff to accommodate a wide range of sports and extra curricular activities, which may be more limited in a private school setting. By Livia Gamble. There are meals, field trips, yearbooks, fundraisers and the list goes on. I’ve seen kids in public school go to private and hate it. Every child is u, with different needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Curriculum is often more challenging than public school curriculum. Private school teachers generally earn less than their public school counterparts, with teachers at parochial schools at the lowest end of the salary range. Cost: The fee rate is very high in the private schools in comparison to the public schools. Public schools must provide certain services, such as transportation, reduced/free lunch, and special education. Public schools generally offer a wide variety of extra curricular academic or fine arts activities. Here are the pros of sending your child to private school: Here are the pros of sending your child to public school: Here are the cons of sending your child to private school: Here are the cons of sending your child to public school: The bottom line is that there is no right answer for every student and their family. Students who are continually disruptive in the public school setting face consequences, but only in the most severe circumstances are students expelled. This article will go through the pros and cons of the two school systems. Popular culture is filled with films and TV shows that celebrate and glorify parenthood. Even with scholarship availability, some families find the cost of a private school education too high. Every child is unique with different needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Raised in Mississippi, she now lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with her husband and four children. Private schools have more flexibility in what curriculum they choose. Public schools are both funded by and bound to federal, state and local mandates. I hesitate to put this here because an outstanding teacher can be non-certified (meaning they do not have a teaching degree). These are a choice for some families who desire more flexibility with schedules and/or a hand picked curriculum at home. We explore the public vs private school debate. I’ve known several public school teachers who made a career change to private and they always mention the difference in the quality of food. It tasted like water with a teaspoon of milk mixed in. A smaller class size means more individual attention and more intervention before issues arise. In direct contrast to private school, public school is funded by taxpayers. Almost always, one of the first benefits you will see for public schools is that it’s free. There is much room for improvement with public school nutrition guidelines and food choices. You must find a course that works well for your child’s needs without creating a hardship for your family at the … Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. The result that year was trash cans full of milk. Public schools have a national average for teacher-student ratios of 17:1 as opposed to a 9:1 ratio for private schools. Private schools can model their instructional delivery in ways that meet the needs of different personality and learning styles. The content must be covered in a short amount of time to prepare students for high stakes testing. They are not obligated to follow a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that may have been developed in another school setting based on specific learning needs. Teachers often have some level of control over how they teach, but not what they teach. Public Mum of four, Ros, has two children about to start preschool, one at primary school and the eldest at high school – and they all are or will be in the public school system. Many families find them to be a good option. In addition, other great resources are speaking with people in the community as well as touring both private and public schools. It’s purpose is to be informative as you are considering educational options for your child(ren). Religion and in-depth character education programs could be a more central aspect at some private schools. Ultimately, the answer to which is better, private school vs public school, will come down to your family and its unique needs. When she’s not working with her children or website, you can find her at church or curled up with a good book. Special education may include additional academic services to meet the needs of gifted learners, second language learners and/or the needs of students with learning disabilities. While an overwhelming amount of these students will attend public school, 5.7 million are expected to attend private school. 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This may not be true of all private school settings, but in general, there are less options for extra curricular activities in the private school setting because of staff and facility limitations. As such, there’s no guarantee that your child will receive financial assistance. it compromises the potential of the learning environment. It makes a big difference what any teacher can both see and accomplish with 12 kids vs 24 kids. Your child’s education is important to you, which is why we’ve compiled the pros and cons of private schools and public schools to help you make an informed decision. Speaking of high stakes testing and assessments, public schools have the disadvantage of many more required assessment and accountability measures than in the private schools.

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