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music from harry in your pocket

I hereby explicitly acknowledge having taken notice of the processing of my personal data as described in the Terms of Use. All four actors who play these roles are charismatic, each in his or her own way. Made in 1973, this fits in with other explorations into the long-hair hippie criminal confidence stories that arose from the ashes of the counter-culture. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. It's one of the better Coburn films of the 70's and pretty decent all around. The main characters, in any case, are portrayed superbly. In his travels he encounters a street thief named Ray Haulihan (Michael Sarrazin) and his beautiful partner Sandy Coletto (Trish Van Devere) who are looking to upgrade their ability as thieves. Find and enjoy. it was a long time ago, but i sure remember it. ****, View production, box office, & company info, " The Idea is to get close enough to feel your mark breathing, without touching him ", Off The Shelf – Episode 55 – New Releases For Tuesday, June 23rd 2015, Weekend Shopping Guide 6/24/11: Half-Blood Who. I was a big fan of James Coburn and Micheal Sarrazon, and just had to see this movie. Try Prime Cart. The upper class of the low-life, pickpockets, work Vancouver and then go on to Salt Lake City, two pretty locales that provide for some great shots. Extensive liner notes by Daniel Schweiger, discussing the film and the music. it was interesting, to see all the production crew and cameras. it took most of the day, to film it. With the rare appearance of Walter Pidgeon this movie is sure to become a classic in years to come. A solid cast (Coburn was always watchable) plays a cadre of professional pickpockets and petty thieves who actually live quite high off the takings. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. Michael sarrazin plays the same spoiled child role he always has, i'll take my marbles and run away but he's competing against james coburn, walter pidgeon and trish van dervere in this film and he is so far outclassed he becomes rebellious and defiant ... his critical mistakes causes strife which is unforgivable for crooks working to gether. Once Harry learns of the young couple operating without him, he acquiesces and becomes their leader with one important rule, 'Harry never holds'. This foursome do not come off at all like Fagin's gang in the Charles Dickens classic, "Oliver Twist". Frightening in two ways. | To keep everything up and running, we need support. How can you enjoy a film about pickpockets that isn't a comedy, but a deep, emotional analysis of the fall of two master cannons (street slang for pickpockets) and the training of the next generation? 103 min Movie music by composer Lalo Schifrin. It was shot in Victoria B.C. it was very interesting, and i am glad i went to do this. I tend to agree with several of the posters in that this movie probably could not be made today, or it would be a direct to video affair. This edition includes a 12-page full color booklet. Movie: Harry In Your Pocket (1973) info with movie soundtracks, credited songs, film score albums, reviews, news, and more. It's one of the better Coburn films of the 70's and pretty decent all around. It's a reminder of how glorious American film was in the late 60s and early 70s, and how straitjacketed it is at present. the people filled the stands, on one side only. when i went to the movie, in a theater, i swear i saw myself. Every donation helps us. All Rights Reserved. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The scenes in all of the various western cities are great. While categorized as a comedy, it is far more serious than amusing. The only other film that I saw where a pickpocket is a hero is Pickup On South Street and the stylish James Coburn of Harry In Your Pocket would look down on Richard Widmark. it was the last scenes of the movie, where they caught "harry". Michael Sarrazin plays Ray Haulihan, a hard working but not typically efficient pickpocket, who lifts the watch of Sandy Coletto (Trish Van Devere) one day in a train station. Metacritic Reviews. Otherwise, it becomes a romantic-triangle soap opera that tries, and fails, to twinkle. With the rare appearance of Walter Pidgeon this movie is sure to become a classic in years to come. Cinelinx There are some great scenes that show us the tricks of the trade, but every bit of it remains interesting to the end. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Before "The Sting", "House of Games" or "The Grifters", there was "Harry in Your Pocket". I hereby explicitly acknowledge accepting the Terms of Use. Unfortunately the vocal version of the main theme, with Bruce Geller lyrics and performed by Josh Adams, was not in the Schifrin tapes. i was an extra, in the crowd. Produced by Nick Redman. so i went. Michael Sarrazen, (Ray Houlihan) "Feardotcom" was starting out as an apprentice to this field of putting your hands in other peoples pockets. I feel this is one of James Coburn's best films...he puts on quite a convincing performance as a veteran pickpocket who is head of a 4 person team of thieves. I have to say that I enjoyed it, partly because it is a great example of the early '70s antihero type of film, and because as a kid who grew up in Seattle where the beginning of the movie is filmed, it was cool to see the old buildings (long since replaced by skyscrapers) and the old restaurants like the Brasserie Pittsbourg and Rosellini's 410. an add was in the paper, to show up, and be a member of the crowd. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 1998-2020 Film Music Site Arvid Fossen. Hear classic music from Harry in Your Pocket, 1973, directed by Bruce Geller, with James Coburn, Trish Van Devere, Michael Sarrazin, at TCM It was a really neat little flick about pickpockets from different generations working is almost like a time capsule watching the places, fashions, and particulars from that era. This is truly a great classic film from 1973 with James Coborn at the top of his career and his supporting cast were outstanding. At first Harry and his aging partner Casey (Walter Pidgeon) are simply amused with the pair, but later, they become a foursome which becomes quite formidable. This content is exclusive to members. I caught this movie last night on TCM while channel-surfing around...I have always been a big fan of James Coburn and had never seen this(I was born the year, 1973,before it came out). Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Language. Mastered by Daniel Hersch. Unfortunately, the movie only comes to life when they're at work. A would-be criminal is taken in by a professional in the game, who teaches him how pickpockets work in teams. FOR Harry in Your Pocket (1973) YOU CAN. Trish Van Devere, (Sandy Coletto) "Messenger of Death", was also in on this racket and her lover was Ray Houlihan. 24 June 2011 Though released earlier than The Sting that year, and featuring a far different "con," Harry in Your Pocket would share that film's dynamic of an upstart thief learning the ropes from a seasoned professional. We removed and restored this cue from the mono Music Stem and included at the end of the CD as a Bonus Track. | Harry in Your Pocket (1973) PG | 103 min | Comedy, ... Harry: We travel first class, best rooms, best clothes, best food. Rather than being a superifical film about thieves...this film is an intense character study involving guts, emotions, egos, lust and addictions. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Not quite a classic, but still worth catching for James Coburn and Walter Pidgeon. Sure missed this film over the years and was very glad I was finally able to view it on TV. If you are not a member yet, please subscribe now: Join the largest film music community on the web! Viewers who weren't around in the early '70s are liable to be distracted by the bad fashions and bad hair of the day, even though this film is relatively conservative in that respect. $1 shipping on qualified orders. There's a long build up, leading to nothing. PG If any information appears to be missing from this page, contact us and let us know! © 1996–2020 Autotelics, LLC. In this film called "Harry In Your Pocket " he naturally plays the master pickpocket called Harry. How many of you movie fans actually REMEMBER Walter Pidgeon? As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualified purchases. Soundtracks DAY BY DAY BY DAY Words by Bruce Geller Music by Lalo Schifrin Sung by Josh Adams . After some training, the foursome move on to Salt Lake City, where they become a finely-tuned team of cons. Awards Harry In Your Pocket soundtrack CD details and availability. Check out Is That a Pistol in Your Pocket by Big Harry Johnson on Amazon Music. This role is off beat for him but what a great time we have sharing it. Here is one film which many of his fans never seen. The collection of rare and unusual albums is fantastic. This recalls pleasant French films that celebrate petty thieves and rascals. All four principal characters take the equal burden of the story, which never becomes boring, predictable or tedious. the last scenes. This rarely ever happened to actor James Coburn. Unfortunately, the disappointing third act doesn't so much unravel as it does dry up, with the writing smacking of moralistic pandering ("Don't let this happen to you!"). Country of Origin USA . The story was engaging and it was well-shot;the acting was also good from all four principals(Coburn, Pidgeon, Sarrazin, and Van de Vere). | The jazz-based score of Lalo Schifrin (The Cincinnati Kid, Cool Hand Luke, Bullitt, Dirty Harry, Joe Kidd, Kelly's Heroes, The Fox) is a big surprise for the variety of themes, the importance of "source music" in the development of film, and for his main theme "Day by Day by Day": a beautiful and melancholy tune that is one of the Schifrin's best. Tom Wilson, New Jersey, USA (HardToFindMovies). there were trucks and cameras, and they kept telling you, if you saw a camera, to not look, at it.   |  were filmed, during an equestrian horse show, in salt lake city, Utah. James Coburn was never better. I don't know why this movie wasn't released on DVD but it surely deserves the attention of all fans of 70's cinema. Trish would wear very very short skirts and bend over to distract young and old men in order to enable her co-workers to pick their pockets dry. Trish Van Devere as the love interest created quite a strong character for the screen that really impressed me and Walter Pidgeon as the old pro who has developed shaky hands from having a young person's drug addiction is outstanding in every way. Enjoy. Weekend Shopping Guide 6/24/11: Half-Blood Who. It's enjoyable to view Seattle, Victoria and Salt Lake City of 1970's, and the period cars and clothing.

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