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moist chocolate mud cake

The cake itself was delicious but when I took it out the oven the whole thing fell apart! I got asked to make a choc mud cake for a birthday. I saw your recipe and all these good comments and decided to made it for my friends’ birthday. Love, love, love! Not a word. We also have kids with a nut allergy but that’s it. Renae it can be made in advance and frozen. Super easy to make, very forgiving, no stand mixer or beater. I can’t make it unless it is a special occasion and I have lots of people to share it with or I will eat it all! I was also wondering if peppermint flavour would work instead of the coffee? Call it a Chocolate Fudge MUD CAKE if you want!! Did it all apart in the tin or when you took it out of the tin? Not a problem Chetna. , Brilliant recipe! Do you recommend using self raising flour instead of normal flour, or should I bake two and stack them? Would appreciate if Can can send me in my email or publish it here the exact measurement in cups im not really good at grams. Rita, I have yet to bake this because I only found the receipe today, but the comments have more than convinced me!! I said it's cool as long as everyone likes chocolate mud cake haha. There’s no such thing as a silly baking question. Hope that helps! On the second one I turned it down to 170 and checked it regularly and it took 45 mins. It sounds great but I only have 100g of chocolate so what can I put in alternative? https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/ultimate-chocolate-cake OOoh I will have to give it a go with the orange juice next time what a great idea Resley! If you’re looking for the best ever chocolate mud cake then look no further because you will not find a mudcake recipe better than this one. A good size cake. Sorry, but if anyone has any issues with this cake, it’s simply because you haven’t followed the recipe to a T. Baking is a science and needs to be fairly precise. i really like the way your cake looks!!! Im letting it cool over night on the kitchen counter and having it for a friends birthday tomorrow afternoon….where should i store tomorrow ? I will take your recipe with as an inspiration for my own version of this chocolaty delicacy. Tasted lovely but a little too "cakey" for a mud cake. Hello! This time for a white fondant covered standing Chanel bag. I thoght that the icing, since its not too firm could ruin the fondant… what do you think? I baked this cake last night and I am yet to ice it. Just not this one. IF SO WOULD THE PROCEDURE CHANGE TO ENSURE THE TEXTURE IS THE SAME? I’ll let you know how it went! I’m sorry it’s not working out for you. Rather than double the recipe in one batch, I would recommend making a single cake (start checking on it at about the 40-45 minute mark as it will cook faster) and then make a second one and sandwich them together. The frosting lent itself well to sculpting and texturing it. Thank you. We measured things out as accurately as could be, set the oven temp on exactly (had thermometer inside oven) Could it be this cake cannot be doubled??? The only thing I did different was for the icing on top I used milk chocolate instead of dark. This is a very bad recipe. That’s what I do when I need the height. That would be my only theory. could that play a role. When it cools, it has the consistency of peanut butter. Yes. Hi Tatum. Hi! I am extremely disappointed. :-). The first time i baked it i was too impatient and removed it from the tin when it was still warm! Sorry you didn’t like it. Hi Lani! Can I stack layers of it with the icing described here, and will it hold under fondant? Have never enjoyed licking a cake bowl so much. thanks Karen. Leave the cake to cool completely in the tin. I think I just died on the inside. As you press gently you meet no resistance from the thick layer of chocolate fudge icing goodness. Hi – I’ve made this cake before and it was awesome. Can I reduce the sugar instead of 2 cups may be 1&1/2. Going to be making this often! So see you in the afterlife!!! They didn’t say anything to us. Made the choc mud cake iced and fun lied. It is chocolatey. I’m definitely not a baker and not patient! You’ve been added to our list and will receive our Baking Inspiration Newsletter. But I just tasted a bit of it and its a bit bitter even after adding 450gms of sugar (thats a LOT). Hi Emma. I made it for a friends birthday recently and it was such a hit. Hi Kym. This cake looks awesome but if you follow the recipe it’s like water & doesn’t cook! Then printed/stamped celery stork roses (google it they look awesome) with red and green food dye. how do you suggest to adapt recipe? Jetzt ausprobieren mit ♥ Chefkoch.de ♥. Please notethat 1.5 cups are NOT really 375 ml…themeasurements on the cups are not equal to the metric amounts as shown on them…. So 1 tsp will suffice. but it was very delicious indeed. Just tasted the cake and I find it very rich………I do also wonder if you have to keep this cake in the fridge ??? Is that normal? Piped more ganache around bottom. Hours later it is now in my belly! You are a very clever lady and you give me heaps of inspiration in the kitchen. Thanks so much for your lovely words! I didn’t get to taste the cake but it received rave reviews! Mixing in the sugar shouldn’t take too long. I haven’t tried using anything in place of the eggs. Silly question I know but I don’t bake much. It’s a very liquid batter. Which of your cakes would be the best to freeze please ? You’re very welcome Wendy! When it came out from the oven, it was seriously oily and the baking tin was covered with oil. Next time I would do it for 40 - 45 mins. Hello Claire, The recipe and the photos look delicious! Hope it works out! The first time I made it I didn’t think it would work out. Hello, I’ve just come across this recipe. It’s very……erm…..mud-like. Hi Claire, death by chocolate this cake is, the force is strong with this one!! This cake is fabulous! Nice and rich and not bitter. That’s not good at all Jilly. Good texture, bitter unpleasant flavour. But it got funnier. OH MY GOD Thank you thank you thank you for this Claire!!! Do you have any idea of why there is this discrepancy? Dissolved in the water? It was good! I’ve been searching for a good mud cake for ages! I made this tonight as a test run for my wife’s bday. I have tried with about 4 other recipes but nothing compared to this one! I have some left over ganache I want to use it to make frosting for other cake how do I do that. I’ve never made it in a square tin but that’s a very good tip thank you. Thanks for a smashing recipe. I just expected you to be in the US! A – I have made it up to 3 days in advance but I usually ice it at the earliest the day before serving. It’s a place where you can share YOUR favorite recipes, tips, tricks and tools for making life simpler, more natural and more connected and see what’s new around here (so that you never miss a new recipe, tip or trick)! As a bonus, it was very easy to prepare. You can also make the cake up to 3 months in advance and freeze it. The one thing most decorators (that have been kind enough to share their recipes) seem to agree on is that a mudcake tastes better as it ‘ages’-most suggest waiting to eat it at least three days after baking (which would make sense why decorators use them for fondant covered cakes)!

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