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how much do braces cost

To learn more about the treatment and payment options we offer, call us at 602-864-0004 and schedule an office visit today. In this case, your own personal preference can play a role in the overall cost of your braces. Adult metal braces cost between £1,500 – £3,000 when fitted by a private dentist, or with NHS treatment you can expect to pay around £219 if it’s not a purely cosmetic treatment. Braces are the traditional method for aligning your teeth and bite, and we offer several styles to fit your needs. Still, if you’re searching for how much braces cost, you’re not looking for generalities; you want specifics, so you can plan for those costs and fit them into your budget. Some of the most common oral health issues that may require braces are the following: During your consultation appointment, your orthodontist examines your teeth to determine if you have any of these conditions that may benefit from orthodontic braces. That’s because while there are a few general guidelines regarding overall costs when it comes to orthodontics, your specific care plan is going to vary based on your individual needs. "Always discuss any concerns with fees," Palomo says. The cost range for braces can vary greatly for each type: Metal braces (traditional braces): $3,000 - 7,000. Other factors that will influence the cost of braces … He adds that aligners at Aspen Dental cost $3,999 regardless of how complex the treatment may be. Other nonprofit programs like Smiles Change Lives and Smile for a Lifetime Foundation also offer discounted or free braces to kids in need. It's more difficult to move adult teeth than children's teeth, Luther says. What's more, not everyone's teeth can be moved effectively with aligners. We work … Many orthodontists offer flexible payment plans and are willing to work around their patient's budget. Someone requiring complex tooth movement to straighten teeth and address jaw alignment may need more intensive treatment. After all, your smile is one of the first things most people notice about you, and when your smile looks great, you just feel better about your overall appearance and about the impression you’re making. Some dental plans consider Invisalign braces a cosmetic treatment and do … In many cases, your monthly payment can be less than $100. Plus, brushes and floss are designed to work better with straight, properly spaced teeth. With clear aligner options like Invisalign, you take the aligners out to eat, so you can enjoy all the foods you love, including crunchy and really sticky foods you should really avoid with traditional braces in Scottsdale. Damon Clear, a system using plastic braces, has pricing that is comparable to conventional braces and may run between $5,100 and $7,000. Yet despite the cost difference, many people choose clear aligners for the benefits they offer — most notably, their comfortable fit and almost-impossible-to-detect design. Cost of braces With so many different braces to choose from, and bespoke treatment plans for every patient, the cost of braces at Total Orthodontics will depend on your individual needs and range upwards from £1,695 for metal fixed braces. As your teeth move, the wires are adjusted or “tightened” during your follow-up appointments to keep a constant pressure on your teeth. That’s why even though they cost more, many patients prefer them — and are willing to pay the extra cost to have them instead of braces. "Patients of all ages report feeling less self-conscious with aligners than braces," says Dr. David Galler, senior vice president of orthodontic support for Aspen Dental. "People in the United States should expect to spend anywhere between $3,000 and $6,000 or even slightly higher depending on the type of treatment needed, length of time and age of the patient," says Dr. Tamara Kroboth, an orthodontist with Valley Pediatric Dentistry in New York. As anyone who budgets knows, not all expenses are created equal — some expenses provide a lot more value than others. These provide parents the opportunity to spread out payments over several months to a couple of years with no interest. Families suffering financial hardship may be eligible for deeply discounted or free treatment. Aligners can be obtained through an orthodontist at a price of $4,000 to $7,000. With locations throughout the state, Orthodontic Specialists of Arizona offers braces to the residents of Arizona. "Different orthodontists recommended different treatments at different price points," she says. However, they can be more expensive than metal braces, with the typical ceramic braces cost ranging from $4,000 to $8,000, according to Oral-B. Budgets are a reality for most of us, and that means we need to plan our expenses carefully. But braces and aligners may also help improve your oral health — not just during treatment, but for the rest of your life. Orthodontists may offer a discount if payment is made in full at the start of service, or they may have reduced rates for multiple children in the same family. Phoenix, AZ 85014 Fill out the form or call us to get started on your personalized treatment plan. If you’re thinking about braces either for yourself or for your child, you’ve probably got a few questions. As noted above, the cost of Phoenix orthodontic treatment depends in part on the type of appliance you receive. "Clear aligner treatment is becoming increasingly popular with dental professionals, who use a comprehensive 3D scan to develop a highly customized, accurate treatment plan for each patient," Galler says. Our experienced orthodontists may recommend braces to correct your poor bite. Managing the high cost of orthodontic treatment can be done in a number of different ways, from shopping for the best price to maximizing tax-exempt savings accounts. Lingual braces: $8,000 - 10,000. In fact, it’s not uncommon for patients to report that they feel a lot more confident after they have orthodontic treatment. • Lingual braces. Lingual braces. We work with CareCredit®, and we also provide you with a list of our lending partners. Your orthodontist adheres the brackets to your teeth and then feeds a special type of wire through each bracket. While early intervention may not eliminate the need for a comprehensive treatment plan later, it could make the straightening process easier, shorter and, in turn, cheaper. Orthodontic Specialists of Arizona is your home for orthodontic care. Early intervention is one way to save money on braces, according to Kroboth. "Common phase one treatments, such as palate expanders, create space for these erupting teeth," she says. However, patient openings at dental schools may be limited, depending on the size of the program. The average cost of an Invisalign tray is $100 to $300. We will work with you to come up with a payment plan that can fit your family’s budget. Another problem, Luther explains, is the tendency of teeth to relapse to their original position if not properly retained after treatment. The fees may be almost half the amount charged by private practices, says J. Martin Palomo, professor and orthodontic residency director at the School of Dental Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. Whether they're seeking a cosmetic enhancement or improving oral health, one thing is certain: Treatment is expensive. While these mail order services offer a significant discount, many dental professionals warn against them. There is not one standard price for braces. Braces can be further broken down into the following categories: metal, clear/ceramic and lingual. That money can then be used tax-free on qualified medical and dental expenses including braces. Similar to silver braces, but 24 carat gold plated. p: 602.864.0004   f: 602.864.0070 Anyone living near a dental school that offers an orthodontic program may benefit from discounted services performed by students in training. At Orthodontic Specialists of Arizona, we offer four different types of braces to the residents of Bradenton and surrounding areas: The most popular and traditional form of braces. Some dental insurance plans cover orthodontic treatment and may pay up to a specific amount for braces. And if you’re like most people, one of the biggest questions you have is probably this one: How much do braces cost? "Very often, we see people who are having braces for the second or third time because they were trying to save money," Palomo says. How Much Do Braces Cost in Arizona? [email protected], 5220 N. Dysart Rd #150 Companies such as Smile Direct Club and Candid also offer aligners and may charge as little as $2,000. By decreasing your risk of more serious oral health problems, you not only avoid pain and discomfort, but you could also lower your future costs of dental care substantially. According to a 2018 survey of dental fees by the American Dental Association, the average cost for comprehensive orthodontic treatment can range from $5,000 to $6,000 although pricing varies by region. Braces are an investment that can pay off in greater confidence and self-esteem. It's important to review your plan's terms to understand if there is a waiting period before benefits begin and whether your orthodontist is a covered provider. You can apply with these financial institutions to become pre-approved for your orthodontic treatment from Orthodontic Specialists of Arizona. "Patients can help their treatment … go quickly and smoothly by following the instructions given to them by their orthodontist, such as wearing their rubber bands as directed, not eating foods that will cause their braces to break and maintaining excellent brushing and oral hygiene," Kroboth says. Every year, millions of Americans undergo orthodontic care to straighten their teeth. Aligners are also an option, and these use a series of plastic molds to move teeth into place. [email protected], 1515 E. Bethany Home Rd #130 Treatment can last from one to three years on average, with adults often needing to wear braces longer than children. While braces are most often used for treatment during childhood or the teenage years, more adults are receiving orthodontic braces to correct problems with their bites. Using clear plastic or ceramic brackets can make braces less noticeable. They may be adjusted every four to six weeks to move teeth into proper alignment. Most policies only cover patients who are 18 or younger, and plans usually contain a yearly or lifetime maximum that only covers a portion of the total cost. Metal braces are very much the traditional option and they remain extremely popular and effective, despite the prevalence of the various new orthodontic treatments. If you opt for clear aligners, your costs can range from … However, they can be more expensive than metal braces, with the typical ceramic braces cost ranging from $4,000 to $8,000, according to Oral-B. How Much Do Damon Braces Cost? All Rights Reserved. That’s because when your teeth are straight, there aren’t as many places for bacteria and plaque to hide. Many people think of the value of braces in terms of the cosmetic improvements they offer, and that’s absolutely important. Improved oral health is a big value consideration. Programs such as Donated Orthodontic Services, sponsored by the American Association of Orthodontists, offer pro bono care to children of low-income families who lack insurance coverage or who do not qualify for other assistance in their states of residence. Traditional braces are made with metal brackets and wires. These accounts also allow people to make medical and dental payments using tax-free dollars, but money in a flexible spending account typically must be used within a year or it is forfeited to your employer. And the answer is — well, there is no single answer. It's smart to get quotes from several orthodontists. "You have to be careful that you don't overfund it and put more in than you can use in the course of a year," Chatzky explains.

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