hand slap game in a circle

all you need is: -one hand -some other dudes -and um,.....that's it. you get to hit them THREE TIMES, 12 years ago continues in that direction, and two slaps mean that the direction is Interpersonal Reflections on the Worst and Most Important Election in My Lifetime. I had quite a bit of fun with this game while attending a computer programming summer camp in Virginia many years ago. rule #1- the circle must be below your neck. Game: Group players in teams of 3 – 6 people, all spaced around in a circle about 1-2 feet apart. if they are bending over tying the shoe or something, you cant put it right in their face (thats cheating) rule #3-drawings of the circle do not count but they are funny when you show someone for the first time (lol) rule #4- have fun!! Is it as good time spent as Netflix and so? that's the way we've always played, it's fun to get creative. Fist Slam: means skip the next hand. haha oh i know what you are talking about! (This can be done around In either case only the hand immediately adjacent to her hand in the Then you go around the circle with a chain of hand slapping while saying a rhyme about frogs. on Introduction. A rule you can implement is: each player must touch the ball with each hand. You can find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. It talked about a froggy and lilly pads. Players will maintain push-up position, while continuously and alternately touching their shoulders with their opposite hand. #2, when you show the circle, and someone tries to poke their finger into your circle to reverse the score, and you are quick, you can grab their finger. Please! I can Hardly remember it yet it was my favorite one. on Introduction. My friends and I are sadly way to old to behave like buffoons in public and not be stared at by everyone around us. We played it below the belt, if you break the finger-ring you get 5 free punches.Funny instructable. Everyone sits in a circle and places their right hand on top of the other players left so that everyone has their right hand on top of the person to the right then their left hand under the person to the left. I heard a different way to play where you have to make the circle under your beltline. game). You will want to use a soft, heavy medicine ball that is harder to roll, like a slam ball. I know, I am a horrible immature imbecile. But we do it where if someone puts there hands on there head like a moose then says your name and you turn around and look at them. All my friends and I used to play this when i was in school.

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