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can you add vanilla extract to body butter

I can’t imagine are it would work in the butter… I probably wouldn’t recommend it and would stick to arrowroot, cornstarch or tapioca powder. I’m trying to make body butters but they all smell like shea butter. Can I use soywax? I’m new to DIY butters and i’m really enthusiastic about making a huge batch of this body butter and have the perfect christmas gift for my friends and family. What am I doing wrong? Hi carly, thanks posting this. Hi Wanda, I do sell this body butter in my shop, The essential oils that I recommend, I list above. Does it matter which one to use? It’s not necessary to use both. Can I use an orange candy oil instead of essential oil? Thank you. Is there a specific brand of micas you use? Linda. I really like the amount of wax though it holds moisture… Any advise would be very helpful! Help. You can sub liquid for liquid, and shea for other butters (like mango), but don’t start cutting ingredients. She would repeat every year of it if she could. Hi Carly, Great blog! You can try adding more or using a different essential oil in the future , Hi there, I made a batch and I used agar agar. Then, slice the bean into smaller pieces and place it into the double boiler too. I enjoyed his writing, I really liked the articles, but I loved more than anything that my dad saved them for me. Hi, I'm Carly! My dad and I enjoy his writing so much, we read and laugh about the humor he finds in raising his children, and we cried about the loss he shared over losing a child and then his wife. That should definitely do the trick! Hi there, is it possible to make this without the beeswax or can you suggest an alternative? You might be the quickest, wittiest kid in this house, and you will always be the earliest riser who brings more sunshine than the actual sun. I have a lotion bar recipe so just use that . Which ingredient could I add at this point that would make the mixture less dry. It felt really good. 12 tablespoons cocoa butter (180 grams) 6 drops peppermint essential oil It only needs to soften slightly after taking it out of the fridge. The vitamin e oil is out of my price range. what can i use in place of shea butter? Next, it's time to whip the melted oils into body butter. I do love your deodorants. The baby is a high schooler. Let me know if you have any further questions . What is the difference between soy and candelia wax? It uses a lovely, soothing combination of lavender, tea tree, patchouli, frankincense, and sweet orange essential oils. Thanks, You’re using too much cocoa butter which is quite hard at room temperature. Okay, well just go ahead with your original 75/25 mixture and once it solidifies use a stand mixer to whip it into a butter. This recipe makes around 18 average-sized pancakes, but you can make them as small or large as your family prefers. But the finished product should fit in a 6 ounce jar , Hey Carly , good to see Ur nongreasy body butter recipe which I am looking for long time… Yesterday I prepared body butter but I used equal proportions of Shea butter (1/4 cup)and beeswax (1/4 cup), 1/2 cup arrow root powder.. And almond oil and olive oil lesser Than 1/4 cup and few drops of lavender oil. I’m so happy that you’ve found the blog and are inspired to make these products! Could I leave it out or is it much needed. Coconut milk is the perfect add-in if you’re lactose intolerant, cutting out dairy for dietary purposes (i.e. IU is a measurement of the amount of minerals and vitamins. If it’s now too dry then you’ll have to remelt it all and add more oils. It works similar to arrowroot, but less like cornstarch. However, I found that the smell of the essential oil disappeared. Unrefined has a bit more of an odour. Your email address will not be published. I will say that this is a LONG process, it took me about 7 hours total from start to finish. Where do you get your shea butter. Hello, I am very excited to try your recipes. I plan to try a batch of lavender in the future, maybe calendula. Loni. How to Make DIY Shaving Cream with Soothing Chamomile, How to Make Lavender Body Butter in a Jar, Instant Pot Refried Beans (NO SOAK Recipe), 80s Movies & TV Shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Prime Video, 101 Non-Animated Family Movies to Stream on Netflix, Kids Sing Along Shows & Movies Streaming on Netflix. Hi Leisa, thank you for the feedback! You will only need two ingredients to make this, and containers to put them in: Scoop out the entire jar of coconut oil and place in a mixing bowl or stand mixer. Join the Modern Hippie Community – Sign up to receive recipes, DIY tips and a FREE copy of our e-book "The Modern Hippie's Guide to DIY Skincare"! What temp should I reheat to? At one point my mixture was not cooling and whipping up so I put in the fridge for a little. Thank you???? Sometimes disconnecting the internet for a few days is the absolute best thing in the entire world. I avoid using animal products. Is there a substitute for almond oil? But, if you want to play it safe, you could do your research on what essential oils are considered “safe” for pregnancy. Your email address will not be published. My first attempt…ever and I didn’t have any issues! The one I am looking at right now is Hi Carly, I just started making sugar scrubs almost 2 months ago and love your recipes. . Hi I am using 1cup of cocoa butter and 1/2 cup of coconut oil. That’s the only thing I disliked about body butter. Also, you can consume vanilla extract together with broccoli, lentils, and salmon to add more potassium nutrients to the body. It’s so delicious, moisturizing without feeling greasy, and down-right wonderful, that I just wanted to keep it all to myself…for a little while at least. Thank you for this! Jenn. It holds up in heat and I think it would be a great replacement!, Hello, I want to combine 1oz each mango butter, shea butter and cocoa butter, with 1 oz each of jojoba, almond n coconut oil for a 50/50 ratio butter to oil. While the vanilla extract soothes wrinkles and heals damaged skin. Sugar scrub is a different story because you’re washing it off right away – I use pink micas in mine . The smell will be less potent with vanilla beans and more potent with essential oil, so you can customize the strength to your preferences. It should turn out pretty nice. But since you’ve already used it, you could try re-melting, cooling, and re-whipping! Hi Jennifer. This looks like a nice sample pack: Learn how to make this easy DIY vanilla body butter for dry skin using all natural ingredients. Hope that helps! Hi Carly, thank you for sharing this recipe and your comments, I have learnt quite a bit from reading this page. I’d try maybe try 60% butter, 35% oil and 5% beeswax ? I also want to use almond oil(sells in packs of 500 ml) and jojoba (sells in packs of 200 ml) and leave out the sunflower oil. It feels particularly heavy raising humans during this period in time. If you don't have a double boiler, you can use a heat proof jar in a pan of water. But it’s very greasy.. It gets maybe 20% bigger after 15 minutes of whipping but doesn’t look like it should. Be sure to scrape the sides of the bowl every so often. also, I’d like to buy a shampoo bar from you, how canI do that pls? If you like orange as a scent, I’d suggest investing in some sweet orange essential oil for your home made body products. I am having difficulty converting the measures from grams to ounces. You can probably find it in a health food store. I cut them out as circles and glued them to the lids. Replace the lid and put your finger on the opening, completely covering it, and turn the bottle upside down. Citrus-y essential oils (lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit) tend to dissipate much quicker then others. do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong . Put it in the fridge overnight and now it’s rock solid. If this is what 14 looks like, I can’t wait to see what the next 4 years bring. Can’t wait to try the arrowroot in my recipe. I am excited. Homemade body butter, is hands down, the nicest thing that you can do for your skin. Then add a capful of vanilla extract. my dad has gotten the LA Times delivered every day to his house, every morning with his coffee he reads the paper. For I don’t know how many years (my whole life?) Would 1 bottle of each be enough ? Do you have cornstarch? Thanks so much. more arrow root if you like, but I there’s probably nothing “wrong” with you butter. We read, we listen, we watch, we discuss, we pray, we research, we hope, just doesn’t feel like enough some days. I tried making this last night and had the same problem – it wouldn’t whip. When shopping for vanilla extract, the price is usually the easiest way to differentiate between the two – imitation vanilla extract is cheap, while “real” vanilla extract can be quite expensive. Hi there! Thank you for the receipe. I don’t use much, but it was a bit greasier than I wanted. Can you replace the sunflower oil with avacado oil? First time attempt, I went wrong somewhere Please telle why you prefer arrow root. Did you use refined Shea butter or unrefined Shea butter? pretty much EVERYWHERE i would use bees wax i use soy. It is scent free! Hi Roxanna, don’t add fresh fruit or veg because then you’re adding water to the butter which will make it “expire.” Dried powder won’t effet the shelf life, but be careful because want vegetable/spices can stain your skin! Just remember, a little goes a looong way. The Best DIY Body Butter – Doesn’t Feel Greasy! Have to check that out…. Thanks! “It needs to be cold enough” seems to be the trick to getting this body butter to whip properly. Hi Judi, I’ve had the same issue with salves and homemade deodorant, but this recipe definitely doesn’t go gritty! However, although I love to share my recipes, and then read success stories in the comments (like my life-changing facial cleanser recipe! It’s also the base for a few other recipes that I’d like to share…like my Whipped Sunblock, and Homemade Vapor Rub…so you see, now’s the time. It’s 80% Shea, and 10% sweet almond oil and 10% beeswax. I can’t guarantee any results otherwise. I love sharing my recipes with you. My current “flavor” is lavender, rose, lemongrass, and frankincense…weird sounding but very nice and light , I have some hemp oil, is there anyway I could include it in and how does this do with heat. Thank you Carly.. Didn’t think of using micas. And maybe 2oz of vanilla scent for an 8oz jar. This is because of the vitamin C which promotes healthy, glowing skin. If you leave out the sunflower, then replace it with almond. Cocoa butter shouldn’t be your main ingredient in body butter, coconut oil should be. Not sure where you live, but I order my containers from Voyaguer Soap and Candle Co. in B.C. Sonya. It doesn’t really matter too much which one you use, however I always opt for the organic unrefined. Just waiting on my vanilla absolute to arrive!

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